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3 Doktorandenstellen (E13/65%) im GRK2599 Immune Fine-Tuners zu vergeben

Three Doctoral (Dr. rer. nat.) Positions in the DFG-funded Research Training Group 2599 (GRK2599) „FAIR – Fine-Tuners of the Adaptive Immune Response”
We have three openings for applicants with a M.Sc. degree in natural and life sciences (three-year contract, E13/65% regular employment position) starting January 8, 2024 in the DFG-funded doctoral training group GRK2599 (www.lymphozyten.de) in the following labs.

Prof. Aline Bozec:
Define the effect of L-arginine supplementation in B cell differentiation and humoral response (https://www.medizin3.uk-erlangen.de/en/research/research-main-focus/research-group-prof-dr-a-bozec/).

Prof. Kai Hildner:
Transcription factor Id2-dependent regulation of tissue-resident memory (TRM) T cells in colorectal cancer (https://www.medizin1.uk-erlangen.de/forschung/arbeitsgruppen/ag-prof-k-hildner/projekte/)

Dr. Anja Werner:
B cell-intrinsic alpha-2,6-sialylation in autoimmunity
Please apply asap latest by October 26, 2023 via the link: https://www.lymphozyten.med.fau.de/?page_id=683